Ethos + Ecology + Coconuts = ECOS

Nutrition & Environment

We believe in paying higher prices to farmers for their highest quality coconuts - nearly 50% more than the leading brands. Having a positive social impact from the farm to the fridge is our focus.

Chocolate Amore

The world's first indulgent dark chocolate drink made only from coconuts and cocoa beans. This is a deliciously nutritious chocolate you have to taste to believe. 

  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Lowest carbon and water footprint of any coconut water brand. 
  • Less plastic per container compared to other beverages. 
  • ‚ÄčNo super pressurization (HPP) that can denature protein.
  • Minimal processing to maintain flavor and nutrition while assuring safety.

Higher Wages for Farmers

Our Coconuts

Coconuts are the foundation of Ecos. We proudly harvest fresh coconuts from southwest Thailand to make the world's best tasting and most nutritious coconut beverages.


Sustainable Agriculture Farmed Ethically....

Ecos uses the most sustainable and ethical farming methods for the highest quality and a positive social impact.