​​​​Like a Fine Wine...
We don't add sugar or acid to our coconut water, so you can sometimes notice seasonal differences in the taste profile. Just like a fine wine that has slightly varying taste profiles on a yearly basis, Ecos can vary by seasons due to environmental factors such as rainfall. With each bottle of Ecos there is a story from Mother Nature that is not read aloud, but tasted.

Some Quick Nutrition Facts About Coconuts...

Coconut Water

No fat or cholesterol
The fats in coconuts are amazingly nutritious, but they are not found in the coconut water.

High electrolyte content
More potassium than a banana and a mix of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium. This high potassium content stops and prevents cramping, helps regulate blood pressure, cardiovascular health, kidney health and much more.

Low sugar
With no added sugar, the natural sugar in coconut water is low enough for many diabetics. Ecos does not add sugar.

Cytokinins: potent antioxidants & anti-aging phytonutrients
Cytokinins help rid the body of free radicals and stimulate healthy cell division. This is also why natural coconut water can help someone’s skin, hair and nails look and feel younger with prolonged use.

Low acidity
This makes coconut water easier on digestion and the enamel of teeth, which is why we like to say Ecos is great for smiles.

Natural energy drink
The natural glucose and electrolytes provide sustained energy without the crashing effects of caffeine or added sugar.

Much our coconut water comes from plantations in Thailand that are utilizing organic growing processes and undergoing organic certification.

Natural weight loss food/beverage
Low in calories, it contains an amazing balance of nutrients to sustain energy and mental acuity when living on fewer calories. Potassium and the water found naturally in coconut water also helps fight fatigue throughout the day.

Coconut Milk
This is the thick white fluid obtained by pressing or passing hot water through grated coconut meat. Coconut milk has many minerals and antioxidants like coconut water, but its most amazing feature is the special fat it contains, called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCT's are structurally different than normal fat, which provide several additional nutritional benefits.

Studies have shown that MCTs aid the process of calorie burning by creating a thermogenic response in the human body, and can thus result in weight loss. MCTs also help to regulate natural bodily hormones that reduce feelings of hunger and reduce food intake. Additionally, there is interest in MCTs from endurance athletes and the bodybuilding community due to its natural energy inducing mechanism, without the potentially harmful myocardial side effects of energy drinks.

Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar is produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm tree. We use a small amount of this wonderful sugar in our chocolate to give it amazing flavor and to add nutritional value. The taste is subtly sweet with a slight hint of caramel and molasses. It has a lower Glycemic Index compared to other sugars and far more minerals and amino acids. 

Coconut sugar is a great source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other trace minerals. It also contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6. Compared to table sugar, coconut sugar has over 30x the iron, 4x the magnesium, and 10x the zinc. Additionally, the sap from which coconut sugar is made contains 16 amino acids.

Better Coconuts for Better Flavor

We proudly source our coconuts from a region of southwest Thailand that is known for producing coconuts with a unique and wonderful flavor. We harvest these coconuts when they are about 7 months old to obtain the best nutritional characteristics, which in turn effect the taste. The hints of vanilla, caramel and almond occur naturally and are a result of the high mineral content and other biological characteristics of these coconuts.